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Puppy Package

Puppy training is by far the most important stage of training that your dog can go through. During this time, puppies are like a sponge, absorbing everything that goes on in their environment and setting the precedent for their future. With the correct guidance, you can mould your puppy into the ideal adult dog, with all the desireable, positive behaviours included.

Without proper guidance, your fuzzy bundle of joy can become a nuisance and destructive in no time at all.

Our puppy packages include everything from chewing and toilet training, all the way to basic commands and good manners. Unlike many other companies, we like to take an individual approach with pups and provide that much needed individual attention right from the get go. Unlike traditional "puppy classes" that will take a group of puppies and teach them all at the same time, we will cater to you and your puppy as an individual. Doing it this way, we are able to take into account all of the influencing factors such as breed, age, breeding quality and much much more, which is often missed out with group classes. Furthermore, you can learn alongside your puppy, and draw from our expert guidance and mentoring, in order to give your puppy the best start for their future and prepare yourself for that troublesome adolescence age where many other owners will start to loose control.

- Toilet training 
- Socialising with other people and dogs 
- Environmental training 
- Basic commands 
- Basic manners
- Nipping 
- Chewing 


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